The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising: Everything Your Need to Know for a Great Vacation

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I am excited to announce the recent release of my latest book, The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising: Everything You Need to Know for a Great Vacation. The book was published by Success Skills Press and written with my colleague, Steve Tanzer. He is an experienced cruise advisor and seasoned world traveler.

For years, Steve and I have both traveled the world with our wives on a variety of cruise lines and ships. In that time, we have seen the good, bad, and ugly related to ocean cruising. We have also heard many stories about cruising from people with whom we have come into contact. That is why we wrote this book. We wanted to share our experiences and those of others, along with lessons that we have learned from taking over one hundred and sixty collective cruises.

The suggestions included in The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising are for new and experienced cruisers alike. They provide a comprehensive approach for identifying, booking, and enjoying cruises that meet your needs, expectations, budget, and preferences. We are certain that the information provided will enhance your cruise knowledge and help maximize your cruise experience.

Whether you are new to ocean cruises or just curious about how they differ from river cruises or other types of traditional land-based vacations,  The Complete Guide to Ocean Cruising is for you. In it, you will find explanations about the cruise industry, cruise process, helpful tips for saving money, a resource section with useful cruise-related information, and answers to virtually any question you might have about this form of travel. To learn more about the book or to purchase, please visit my website.

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