When the coronavirus pandemic occurred, millions of travelers from countries around the world found themselves isolated, stranded and in some instances quarantined and unable to return home right away. In some instances, they became ill or died. Those who were not sick found it impossible to get home due to a lack of transportation or finances. In other situations, people who had already booked cruises, flights, hotels and made other reservations ran into challenges getting a refund. This article outlines four key lessons cruise passengers can learn from the coronavirus pandemic. These lessons can reduce stress and financial loss and aid in future travels.

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Overseas travel safety is a major concern for many cruisers. In a world where crime against and attacks on tourists are common, being prepared for the unexpected should be something that every cruiser thinks about. This article highlights common crimes and provides tips on how to improve personal safety and protect belongings when you travel to foreign countries.

Cruising solo is a trend that is here to stay and has become a popular means of vacationing for many people. The result is that cruise lines have taken notice and created news spaces and activities that will attract people who are cruising alone.

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Cruise safety is something that should be taken seriously by passengers and crew alike. There are many items that cruise lines forbid cruisers to bring aboard in an effort to help ensure the safety of everyone aboard.